In the IES Barrio of Bilbao we have a great interest to reinforce the work jointly with other educational institutions, companies, public organisms, not governmental organizations, etc. And in addition we think that these collaborations must not be restricted to our country, but they must spread beyond our borders, with a special determination for coming to the rest of European countries.

The IES Barrio of Bilbao has, between his priority actions, the relative ones to the cooperation with other public and private institutions, both of Spain and of other countries.

Regarding the Vocational training of top degree, the Program Erasmus allows to the pupils to complete his formation in other European countries.

They can request more information the responsible person of coordinating this program, in the following email address:

Also they can contact telephonically the IES Barrio of Bilbao, asking for the Boss of Studies of Vocational training.

In the Spanish education system, training practices in workplaces of the short cycles, with a lenght of 3 months, are recogniced with 22 ECTS credits. On the other hand, for training modules that are taught in our center are set the number of ECTS credits that must be recognised, based on number of hours and the content given. In each case, according to the corresponding educational institution which sets the mobility. The procedure for the recognition of the goals achieved in mobility by the students, is based on the exchange of the official documentation required for administrative formalities, between the student’s home country and the country in which the study period or internships is going to be developed. For all documents to be completed correctly frecuent contacts are settled between the leaders responsibles of the participating educational insitutions and, where appropriate, the person in charge of tutoring the practices in Enterprise.